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Competitions & Conventions


NYLA DANCE Competitions’ mission is to have a positive approach to complete artistic expression in all styles of dance. We encourage the styles of Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Ballet, Acting, Vocals, and Props Unified dances. This level of competition enables the dancer to improve their skills by competing with others and learning how to apply themselves in both dance and their everyday lives.


NYLA DANCE Conventions offer a personal approach to education by providing professionally trained Instructors, Choreographers, and Teachers who work with the dancers to provide a one-on-one type of environment that helps the dancer to learn new skills and techniques. We seek to provide nothing but supportive and positive environments for our dancers to do their best in all areas of dance. NYLA DANCE is committed to bringing a fusion of both coasts together through east coast and west coast dance styles by offering a contemporary and traditional focus. Classes are always optional at Regionals and required at Nationals, but we only suggest that our students take the classes that we offer to have the most well rounded dance experience with NYLA DANCE Faculty and Staff.


Our mission is to have a positive approach to
1. Complete Artistic Expression in All Styles of Dance
2. Achieve Personal Creative Goals and Improvement of Skills
3. Building a Stronger Dance Community through Fair Judging
4. Competitions by Recognizing that Both Performance and Technique go Hand-In-Hand

We offer a personal approach to education by providing
1. Professionally trained teachers and choreographers that work with the dancers
2. Proper technical training and expertise that will improve the dancer’s skills and form
3. An opportunity to meet and gain insight from faculty members from coast to coast.
4. The chance to have a great time learning new techniques and meeting new people.